The Singing Bones – audio download




This is a 10 track mp3 audio download of The Singing Bones, by the Devil’s Violin. It also includes a scan of the sleeve notes in pdf format.

Duma (2:17) Moody
Faithful John 1 (7:02)
Death in a Nut (11:20)
Faithful John 2 (2:07)
The Juniper Tree (13:49)
Faithful John 3 (1:48)
The Boy who Set Forth to Study Fear (14:33)
Faithful John 4 (12:09)
Don’t Sleep Away the Summer Nights (5:04) Goss
The Longtown Maggot (3:04) Wilson-Dickson

“With ‘Singing Bones’, The Devil’s Violin raises the art of storytelling to sublime heights. The virtuoso melodies on strings and accordion lay down an acoustic pathway for Daniel Morden’s deep old stories to travel along unimpeded, sweeping the audience in their wake. This is masterful, theatrical storytelling delivered with great feeling for the dramatic pause, the dark imagery evoking all shades of emotion from horror to joy, while the songs and stories continue to resonate deeply in the bones of the listener long afterwards.”
Venue Magazine

This is a studio recording of the second show by the internationally acclaimed Devil’s Violin Company.

Suitable for anyone over 11 years old.